dinsdag 12 januari 2010

That's one fine piece of shoe ...

Got the remark few days ago, I never post something for the boys.
I thought they actually liked half-naked Lara Stone and all, but seems that's not enough.
So, guys, I'm sorry.

Did find some very nice things though.

What about Balenciaga's spring/summer 2010 sneakers?
Both Lanvin and Pierre Hardy have brought some fine luxury streetwear for men, but I personally like Balenciaga's view on sneakers the most.

Yes, us ladies, have been spoiled so much with Nicolas' (aka God) creations, but I think we have to give him credit for what his does in the men's department too.
Since his takeover in 1997, he has made the house of Balenciaga into one of the hottest, most wanted, most coveted labels right now.

Past season, we same some monotone colors.
This spring, Ghesquière brings color & mixture.
Several premium materials are used, all in one shoe.
Of course, prices will be higher than previous models. 

I like all three.
These are just previews though, they will add more models.


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