dinsdag 19 januari 2010

One to visit...

From time to time, I will let you know a little bit more about the shops I like and worth paying a visit to.

One that caught my eye was ' Maaike kleedt ', located in Ghent, Belgium.
I love the fact that Maaike sells eco-luxury goods.

Yes, you probably get it by now: true eco-lover at heart.
Not everything she sells is made of fairtrade-organic cotton, but most of her brands are and I love her for that.
She actually proves the fact that eco fashion can be very pretty. 
It doesn't have to be a boring white shirt with some nature-loving text printed on it. 

Some of the brands she sells are : House of Dagmar, Erica Laurell (hand-made crocheted swimwear, made with eco friendly yarns !  ) , Rules By Mary, Camilla Norrback, pants by Circle of Trust, Custommade, Fin, Sylvia Rielle, Why Red, ...

So if you are in Ghent, definately pay a visit to her cute shop.
You won't get dissapointed.

* Maaike Kleedt Zuivelbrugstraat 89000 Gent09/335.58.40


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