zondag 24 januari 2010

That shoot....

Before,we had the 3D-words popping out of sweaters, now we have the holes in the dresses. 
Dutch designer duo Viktor & Rolf have never been affraid to do something 'different', and I really like them for that. 

Now that there's a crisis going on, lots of designers have been playing it pretty 'safe'. 
V & R do the exact opposite: they like to call it: credit crunch fashion.
We see  deconstructed tulle dresses with bulletholes, and huge sideparts 'sawn' away.

Dazed & Confused did a very nice covershoot with their creations for their February edition, starring Magdalena Frackowiak, with the appropriate title: " The Amsterdam Chainsaw Massacre ".
Shot by Josh Olins, styled by Katie Shillingford.




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