woensdag 16 december 2009

Zoe & Morgan

Don't we all love some jewellery? 
Some love the bling, some love the gold, some opt for silver.

I don't have one brand I love the most, it has to catch my eye and my heart.
And boy, do I loooove Zoe & Morgan pieces!

Brother and sister Sibbald (their dad was also a jeweler) presented their namesake line at Paris Fashion week in 2005 with the 'we love jewels' collection. 

Their handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ... are the result of their travels all around the world. 
You can choose from elephants, skulls, serpent motifs,  eagles, ...
It's vintage jewellery with a 'twist'. (silver & gold )

Items can be bought online at net-a-porter.

I buy mine in Antwerp, in one of my most favourite shops , Baby Beluga.
Natalie, the owner of this cute shop, sells clothes (See By Chloé, Ba&Sh, Mont St Michel,...) but she also sells the most adorable jewellry. She has a really good taste in picking them out.

If you're in Antwerp, don't forget to visit her shop.

Baby Beluga
Volksstraat 1
2000 Anwerp


* zoeandmorgan.com *

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  1. Jezus die ring is mooi! heel hun collectie.. I want! thanks for the introduction :)