donderdag 31 december 2009

Absolutely Absolution...

Big fan of organic skin care.
Always have, always will.

Nowadays, the choice you have these days is soooooooooo expanded! Unbelievable, looks like a lot of people care.
Packages get nice designs, online shops are being made with a complete range of organic beauty brands, Vogues dedicates whole beauty pages on 'going green', ... makes me happy!

Why do I care about organic skin care?
Because I care about my skin, you only have one, you only get one, and you have to live with that one. Don't wanna rub some nasty stuff on my face.
Yeah, nasty!
I'm talking petrochemicals, artificial colouring & scents, parabens, formaldehyde,...

Products that have the eco-organic label are all free from that.
And yes, it does excist. You don't need all these dirty ingredients to have a good face cream.

One of my favourite beauty shops in the world, Magnolia Beauty Shop in Antwerp just launched some new brands. One of them is Absolution.
Completely fell in love with it, right away!

They don't have a million different products (which you DON'T need at all) : they have the basics, and that's all you actually need. When it's good, it's good!

The complete range is high in antioxidants, anti-radical and hydrating active principles.

It consists of an amazing cleansing water, a day cream and a night cream. They also have this little bottle called ' La Solution '. It's a  serum that you have to add to your day-and night cream. Just one drop is perfect.
You can choose from anti-ageing, controle (for the shiny-oily skin) and radiance.

Everything is Cartified Organic by Eco Cert.

Fabulous darling, abolutely fabulous....


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