dinsdag 20 april 2010

Very Vanilla ...

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet Eva Balg.
She's the very nice designer behind 'KID VANILLA', a brand I really fell in love with.
But more about that later, first Eva ...

She was born in Germany, but is now living in Antwerp, where she studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
She's been working together with her friends who were all dealing with graffiti and hip hop, and held exhibitions of young artists.
It was in that creative vibe, that Kid Vanilla was born.

Eva left the academy, to focus completely on her clothing brand, and has since then worked together with artists like Cream, Fax'R & Numi.

For the 2010 collection, the grounds for the prints were originally made on a wall, photographed and then printed digitally.

What I like most about Kid Vanilla is, that it's very colorful, sporty, even a lil' rebellious, yet very feminine.
Like the adorable high waisted skirt in bright blue and black from the 2010 collection.
Verrry proud owner, yes!

Eva does not work with seasonal collections, like most designers do, but comes with an annual unisex-collection.
She did tell me,that she does work with different young artists throughout the year, to create some capsule-collections.

Kid Vanilla is available at 'Avenue' shop in Antwerp.

Even better, is that she also organises homesales, so you can meet her at her place , and watch the entire collection all at once. ( And most likely, buy half of that collection ) 

There is a Kid Vanilla FB group,that is very up-to-date, so there you can check for homesale-date and also see the lovely collection.
Don't hesitate to add that one to your FB.

I'm definately sold, and I know you will too!

* KID VANILLA * Provinciestraat 89 * 2018 Antwerp * www.kid-vanilla.com *    www.myspace.com/kidvanilla *


Lovely Eva Balg 

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