vrijdag 16 april 2010

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for myself ...

Candyland, also known as land of the colored, sugar-coated, buttered, soft, creamy, colored, sprinkled, icy, sweet, sweet , sweeeeeeeet delights.

Also, land where you would like to have a one-way ticket to, but have to pass, due to some health, bad-teeth, sugar-overload reasons.

But honey, don't worry ... I know you need your sweets, so here's some good news for you and it goes by the name of  ' Glam At Heart '.

Glam At Heart, makes it possible to have cake, all day long.
Even better, it comes in the shape of accessories.

Proud owner of this wonderful online shop is Elfi De Bruyn.

Probably the most positive minded-pink loving-glitter adoring  person I have ever met in my life.
And what I love most about her, is that she's taken this whole glitter world  to the max and follows her beliefs and style no matter what other people think. 
A true gift, if you ask me.

The moment you enter her online shop, you cannot help but think you want it all.

Cakes, bunnies, hats, ice cream, hearts, flowers, ... it's all there. 
She even has special treats during the holidays, like bath bombs in the shape of cupcakes.

When you order something, don't expect a boring cardboard box.
She wraps everything up, adds candy and a nice looking Glam At Heart postcard and even writes a personal message on the card.

Written from the heart, she just wants to share her love for the cute & pink with all of  her clients.
Completely devoted to her shop, she works hard, but she loves every minute of it.

Visit her shop, and fall in love with all of the treats. 
No it doesn't make you fat, it doesn't give you bad teeth, it just makes you extremely happy.

Let them eat cake, let it be you, who wears the cake.


http://glamatheart.com *

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  1. Die bunny cupcake ketting ziet er echt super uit! aahh *kwijl*