maandag 17 mei 2010

Those twins ...

I'm not really feeling the whole 'celeb turns designer' hype.
It's not that I don't think those people don't have a sense of style, or anything like that, but a fashion designer goes to school, for a very very long time and learns how to study patterns, learns how to sew and everything that comes with the job.

Other people, that happen to appear on screen from time to time, all of a sudden become a designer overnight, and sell perfume, accessories, clothes, ... the next week.

There are some exceptions though, and one of them are The Olsens. Also known as MK&A , or Mary-Kate & Ashley or fashion icons of the first hour. (and I can go on like this for a while)

Ashley put her acting career on hold, and is now completely focusing on her designing skills. 

They actually have two brands: Elizabeth & James and The Row.

The Row has been there now for three years, and reviews of their latest fall 2010 show have been amazing again.
They always opt for luxurious fabrics, and are known for their classic yet very edgy cuts.

For their last show, they went for 19 looks. 
All black, white & navy. 
They showed us  pieces like the incredible gorgeous belted wrap coat shown here, silk jumpsuit and an oversized tuxedo jacket.

Like I said before, rare exception of the celebrity/designer group, and we're very happy with that.


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